Possible HIPAA Privacy Breach (Oct 2017)

Date Posted: October 17, 2017

To Our Valued Carolina Oncology Specialist Patients:

We want to make you aware of a situation we are working with local authorities to investigate.

We received several credit card applications addressed to three of our patients with our street mailing address. We are aware of one patient receiving additional false inquiries.

In each case, we notified the patient and enclosed the unusual credit card application. We also contacted the local police.

We are now working with local authorities to resolve this matter.

We share this information, not to alarm you, but to raise your awareness. While police have not linked this activity to our address or our patients, it’s too coincidental to ignore.

We are concerned that our patient’s name was used to open a false credit card account. We do not know if his personal information was used or not. That’s still under investigation.

We have asked our electronic medical record (EMR) vendor, to conduct an analysis of our EMR and they have done so and have assured us that there has not been any detectable breach or electronic tampering (hacking) of personal health information.

We want to help insure you have not been impacted, so please check your credit activity for anything unusual. We recommend you contact the local credit bureau listed below and local police if you suspect that your credit report shows any false activity.

Credit Bureau Information:

Each of the three major credit bureau’s listed below allow a free credit report check once a year. Checking a credit report is a smart way to identify accounts that are fraudulent, credit inquiries that were not initiated by the consumer, and other suspicious activity.

You can research these companies on the internet, at https://www.freescoreonline.com and sign up there for your free credit report using all three major credit bureaus.

If you have questions or if you have received unusual credit card activity, please call us at our toll free # 888-477-3550 and ask to speak to Erin Baker, Privacy Officer or Carol Kammer, CEO. If we are assisting other patients, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Thank you.
Carolina Oncology Specialists, PA